altitude training

Altitude training for the ultimate workout

Altitude Training at SWZ

Altitude cycle classes at Spartans Warrior Zone are the fastest, most effective way to increase your cardiovascular fitness.

An absolute game-changer for any athlete training for any type of cardiovascular fitness dependant sport!

By training at altitude your body is forced to work harder making workouts much more challenging and time efficient. These classes are not just great for athletes but also fantastic for people with injuries or sore joints too, while spinning at altitude your workout time can be almost halved while still achieving maximum results, this reduces the time spent on the bike, in turn reduces long periods of stress on the joints and muscles.

Think of your standard spin class; with the same enthusiastic instructor,  the same loud uplifting music, fun lights but half the work time and double the benefits!

How does it work?

The Box Altitude system fills the cycle room with filtered hypoxic air, lowering the concentration of oxygen in the room.

By training regularly at altitude 2 or more times per week users experience a significant increase in the amount of oxygen they can absorb, this results in higher performance and function at sea level (where most of us live day to day).


Altitude benefits


1. Increases the amount of oxygen the body can naturally absorb

2. Burn more calories in less time

3. Stimulate production of growth hormone

4. Improved athletic performance and fitness

5. Faster recovery

6. Weight loss

7. Increased energy levels and quality of life

8. General health and well-being


Expected Fitness Gains Include:


1. Up to 37% more endurance

2. Up to 25% more efficiency

3. Up to 15% more weight loss

4. Up to 9% more strength

5. Up to 3% more power

6.Up to 3% more speed


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