What is the secret to the perfect bikini body?

What does the ‘perfect bikini body’ even mean?

The perfect bikini body is different for everyone because each one of us is different! The time you feel the most comfortable in your own skin and the time you have a clear positive mindset is what I would call the perfect bikini body!

Everyone is different, these fake girls you see on social media, most are photoshopped, it is just not reality. So stop comparing, close your socials and keep reading this blog!

Comparing yourself to others will get you nowhere in life. Striving to be the best version of yourself is the way to go! Now we have established that, lets check out some great simple, healthy lifestyle habits that I suggest all females should adopt.

1. Look at your food – What are you putting into your body each day?

You have 2 options when it comes to nutrition:

1. Seek professional advice

2. Educate yourself and make healthy choices everyday.

Here are some extra simple tips you can adopt straight away into your daily routine:

– Drink 2+ litres of water everyday

– Ditch the processed food

– Eat small meals often (4-5 meals per day)

– Have small treats if you feel the need rather than restricting yourself and then binge eating

– Plan out your food in advance (pack a lunch box the night prior or meal prep for a few days in advance)

– Choose clean food options that you actually enjoy

– Take it easy on the sauces

– Keep your meals balanced: Protein, Carbohydrates and Fats in each meal Click below to learn more about the 3 main Macro Nutrients: Protein, Carbohydrates and Fats:


2. Look at your exercise – How are you exercising and how often?

Depending on your goal the general rule says to maintain a healthy body you should do some sort of moderate exercise for at least 30 minutes everyday.

If your goal is to loose some fat, tone up and gain some lean muscle mass which is what most women are after I would suggest the following:

– Start at 1-3, 45minute-60minute sessions per week if you are a beginner and then work your way up to 4-6 workouts per week.

– To quickly achieve your goals I recommend incorporating weight training and cardio into your weekly routine.

– Here are some great classes that I recommend for a great cardio workout and resistance session:



Booty Blast

Tough and Toned

– If you are training by yourself in the gym be sure to have a workout plan before you walk through the door. If you are unsure of how to write a workout plan that is specific to your goals please seek professional advice, see our trainers here.

3. Look at your recovery – Are you tired all the time and are you pulling up too sore after a workout?

It is recommended that all adults sleep between 7-8 hours each night. If you are feeling sluggish throughout the day, yawning and always reaching for that ‘3pm pick me up’ its time for you to hit they hay! Go to bed earlier if needed, ensure 7-8 hours is priority! It will change your life!

Pulling up sore after a workout can be quite normal to some extent, but if you are still sore days after then struggling to complete your next workout, you need to work on your recovery routine! Here are some easy tips to follow to help those muscles recover faster:

– Warm up correctly before your workout – dynamic stretching

– Cool down correctly after your workout – static stretching

– Hot bath or shower after your workout

– Foam roll

– Drink water!

– Heat packs

– Increase protein in your diet

– Oh and of course sleep 7-8 hours!

I hope these 3 simple tips have helped you have a better understanding of how to achieve your own individual ‘bikini body’.

If you need any further tips, guidance please feel free to contact myself or Spartans staff.

Lana – Qualified Personal Trainer and Fitness Professional

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