How To Have More Energy & Focus

You want to have more energy throughout the day, be productive, and have the capacity to live life even after work. Then when the day is done, you’re proud of the things you’ve accomplished and feel happy because you’ve made progress. There are countless feats that we want to accomplish in our lifetimes. We want the business, the body, the relationship, and the friends, but most of us don’t know how to get it. We know that all of our dreams are possible, but no matter how hard we try, we can’t seem to find the focus and energy to make them a reality. Here are 6 ways to have more energy.

  1. Eat A Clean Diet & More Plants

You won’t have a ton of energy or look great if you don’t eat a healthy diet. Mainly because you need the nutrients to feed your brain, your muscles, your entire body. Plants like fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds are shown to reduce inflammation and are the nutrient-densest foods in the world.

  1. Wake up at the same time, even on the weekend

This makes it easier to get into a routine and start getting better sleep. Which means you’ll have more energy and be able to stay focused and think clearly. If you wake up one day at 6, the other at 8, you’ll either feel tired throughout the day or won’t be able to sleep in the evening.

  1. Sit up straight & stretch your arms up

Now this will also boost your mood, improve your posture and even your confidence. We don’t realize it most of the time, but posture has a major impact on the chemistry of our bodies. Rumor has it, sitting up straight might even help with depression and anxiety.

  1. Do 5-10 minutes of exercise every morning, right after you wake up

Exercise in the morning is an amazing energy booster, it will help clear your mind and get your body ready for the day. Don’t skip it.

  1. Read or listen to a book

So what are you gonna do when you’re not on social media and checking your email? Well, a good way to distract yourself from all stress is reading a book or listening to an audiobook. Something that can lift your spirit and make you feel happier. This will help you sleep better in the evening and it will help you relax, so you can recharge and have more energy the next day.


  1. Have a plan

Having a plan can take so much stress off of you. And stress as you might know is not good for your health + it wastes A LOT of energy. Not to mention that it’s harder to think clear and stay focused when you’re stressed out. Whether it’s deciding upfront what you’re gonna wear, what you’re going to eat, which workout you’ll do & when you’ll do it – when you decide upfront – you’ll be more focused and won’t waste your energy on decisions that aren’t actually important.

We live in an amazing world filled with apps and services that can help you maximize the 24 hours in your day. But social media and countless other distractions can make it easy to get to the end of your day and think “What the hell did I do today?”

Everyone has the same 24 hours, make sure you use these tips to increase your productivity, energy and stay focused. Live your life with 30 day experiments, implementing some of these and seeing what sticks