How much time you should allot to your exercise? Some people are wondering what’s the best time of day and how long should they spend in working out. Creating a workout plan will help you to achieve greater consistency. A commitment to a regular workout regimen will increase your fitness level, improve your health and generate a greater sense of mental being. There aren’t a one size fits all approach when it comes to exercising – your personal timing plan depends on physiology, your lifestyle and a lot of other factors. It is always depending on what type of exercise you will be doing to know how long you will work out, but the real question that might come up in your mind is the amount of time you should allot to your exercise. It is very important to time out your exercises because then you are sure that you are not overtraining yourself. When you are going to the gym, you should focus on exercising during the time that has been allotted to you.

You also need to ensure that you went to the gym to exercise. If you spend time walking around and talking to others and simply do a few exercises in between, then you are not getting the same amount of exercise as someone else who is totally focusing on his/her workout.

Here are some benefits of timing your workout.

1.      Over Working Might Cause Symptoms in Your Everyday Life

If you are over training, you will not be excited to jump into the gym on the next following days, indeed you will start hating your workout. You will also tend to create a sour mood for everything. There is also anger, depression and irritability. Your immune system will be completely down, and you will tend to get ill more often. This is not the normal exhaustion you felt at the first time of your work out. The time of your workout should be based on your workout intensity. If the workout is more intense, then the workout time will be less. If you are opting for HIIT or other interval training, it should shorten the workouts. It is not at all about how long you are in the gym. You should only count the time when you are working out because there are a lot of things you do in the gym apart from exercising.

2. Consistency Is the Key

Consistency is the most important element of working out. There will also be something that happened in very unpredictable ways. If you want to reach your goal of losing weight, you will have to be consistent. Choose a specific time and date for your workouts and stick to it. If you randomly walk around the block, it might relieve your guilt conscience temporarily, but it will certainly not burn the stubborn fat in the belly.

Consistency doesn’t just apply to frequency of workouts, but how consistently the you adhere to the workout format. It’s no surprise that those who follow their plan precisely are the ones that see the greatest improvements in performance. There may only be room for one or two breakthrough workouts per week. Hitting these important workouts consistently and correctly is the key to forward progression.

3. Spending Too Much Time in The Gym Might Set You Back

Workouts are designed to put stress on your muscles. That’s the only way you can make gains in strength, size and power. However, stress causes fatigue. You might be physically exhausted, grabbing for your knees after a set. Or you might feel sluggish, slow and weak after finishing a tough workout. Regardless of the type of fatigue you experience, you can expect it to seriously impact your workout performance as you move through your routine. At a certain point, you won’t be able to perform exercises with max strength and speed, and your exercise form will degrade. Too much exercise will not be helpful in any way. When you are doing a tough workout, especially during the strength exercises, your body needs time to rest and rebuild. A tough work out surely burns off the stress hormones, but it also creates other stresses. It can also cause your immune system to go down for as long as 72 hours.

When you are strength training, it causes micro-tears in the muscle tissue. When these are repaired, it makes them much stronger. If you do not give adequate rest to your body in between the sessions, it will not be able to repair itself.

If you exercise consistently and efficiently, it will certainly help you to reach your goal. Also, make sure that you do not over train yourself and follow a proper fitness routine.